What Career Options Await After A Cosmetology Course?

August 26, 2016Blog, Fashion Week Standard

2015-Wordpress-Site_Area-images_Hair-and-beauty-600x300Cosmetology is one of the most marketing fields in today’s world. There are so many cosmetology schools that offer cosmetology courses as part of their curriculum. Make sure to offer Hastings Beauty School. This cosmetology school offers several courses that you can choose from. After getting your own cosmetology license, there are so many things you can do. You could work as a stylist in a salon which is one of the common options or you can also choose from various other options that are available.

Stylist For A Fashion Show
Behind the scenes in a fashion show is where all the action happens. Many people watch runways for getting inspired about the latest trends in hair styling and makeup. Therefore, if you have enjoyed doing makeup and hair, this is the best option for you to unleash your creativity and rule the runways. If you want to be a runway stylist, all you need to do is be artistic, take risks and be a team player. One of the important qualifications is to make sure that you are able to bring your designer’s vision into reality.

Stylist For an Editorial Or Advertisement
For editorials and advertising, they prepare models for conducting commercial photo shoots. Most of the stylists start through an agency and it becomes very easy to branch out into an independent designer and build a portfolio. When you work with an agency, it helps in building an industry credibility that helps you to get more projects. To be an editorial stylist, you need to be an organized person, versatile and must love experimenting various looks and if required be freaky as well. You must be able to develop various looks ranging from girl-next-door to uber chic.

Artist On A Beauty Platform
These are a combination of entertainers such as teachers and master stylists. This job helps bring many stylists under a single roof for events such as beauty and hair shows. This is a really cool job that lets you work under some of the most eminent industry experts and you could learn more by observing how they work. To be an artist for such platform shows, you need to be quick, easy to speak and have very good knowledge about what is going on. You must also be comfortable with being on the stage and public speaking.

Celebrity Stylist
This involves doing hair and make up for a star. You could be styling them for their movie or an event and it is very demanding. You should be able to style the celebrity depending on their schedule and must be available all the time. This job requires you to be very patient and flexible. You must also know to manage time effectively so that you can get the artist ready within very few minutes. This is a crucial job since what you do directly reflects on the public image that the celebrity has. You could gain a lot of popularity when the pictures get published on various media platforms.

Apart from these, there are also other options such as being a director for a beauty or a salon brand, becoming a cosmetology instructor, start your own salon or partner with a chain of salon and open up a new franchise store etc. No matter what you choose to do, do it with passion and enjoy your job. This will take you a long way regardless of what you do.

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