Wedding Photographer – Spoilt For Choice?

December 6, 2016Blog Standard

rich-snippetYou are a perfectionist or a dreamer. Either way, you want to get something straight. It’s your day to cherish for a long time to come. And you want those important moments to be captured and preserved forever. So how about cutting to the chase? Yes, you’re in search of that perfect wedding photographer for your wedding. You may not enough time for anything else, but you wouldn’t mind spending extra time on this one detail, but even if you did, how will you nail one? Besides you may also be looking for a stylist. Did you find one yet? Here’s some help on the way – Do check

On the day of your wedding, the last thing you want is for you to lose out on a beautifully romantic moment because your wedding photographer kept asking you to tilt your chin at a vague angle, look elsewhere and maybe pout. Doing this repeatedly, can be a nuisance and finally end up ruining your day. Fortunately for you, the modern day wedding photographer is smart and suave. They know their lenses, the angles and have an accurate analysis of light and shade.

Most importantly, go over the photographer’s portfolio and identify their style – is it contemporary or stylish or documentary. See if they match your sense of aesthetics. Give it a go if they do. Do not clamp down on the budget before you even look at the portfolios, least you choose someone who is perfect for your budget but ruin your experience for life. Instead, after you approved the portfolios, look for one closest to your budget.

So if everything was in place, how does the couple ensure they look their best in the pictures? A photographer once said, ‘by being yourself and enjoying your wedding.’ That makes sense! That was precisely why you hired a good wedding photographer in the first place. So if you are a bit of a control freak and fear the pictures, don’t fret. You’ve done your bit of finding the right wedding photographer, now let go and have fun!

You might wonder how the background plays any role in your pictures. You don’t need fabulous backgrounds for each shot. Lighting is very important. But if you have a favorite spot in mind and think the background will add to the story you wish to convey through your pictures, let the photographer know. While they are quite discerning and know what might or might not work, they will just go ahead and take pictures with that background so that you can look at them later.

Also, the photographer is not required to know the venue in and out before the wedding. Sometimes a fresh perspective breathes life into the pictures. It’s alright if the photographer did not see the venue in advance, but ensure you spend time in advance with them. This helps them figure out your best angles and expressions than discovering it after a long time at the wedding.

If it’s an outdoorsy wedding, keep in mind weather conditions. In case the weather gave way, have a plan B ready. Bad, dreary weather, drizzle makes the lighting go awry or at times give some very romantic pictures. But you obviously want sunlight or good lighting for most of your photos but wouldn’t mind low lighting for a few, definitely not the other way round.

These points should set the ball in motion. Enjoy selecting your wedding photographer and have a ball!

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