Peavey Vypyr-Advanced Modeling Amps

June 18, 2016Blog Standard

guitar-amp-480The Peavey viper series modeling amplifiers are preferred by a large number of people nowadays. It has double the processing power than the older versions. It also contains virtual amp, models and produces greater results than its competitor’s products. There is a better tonal variation of both distortion and clean channels of twelve classic amps, eleven stomp box effects that allows you to edit, eleven post-amp rack-style effects that are also editable with two parameter controls. In the musical land, Digital modeling guitar amps are the most famous instruments that replace the speakers and tubes used by the pro-guitarist.

You can use this guitar amp in practice amplification, home recording and for gigging. Peavey ahs developed world famous vypyr series and it has enhanced the digital modeling amp into new versions. Peavey Vypyr 40 watt is one of the VIP models of Peavey amp.

Now a single multipurpose guitar amplifier is used for versatile tasks like acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass. It is also called as VIP which means Variable Instrument Input. The multipurpose guitar amplifier is not a new concept and earlier UK firm Alligator created a pretty successful model in the year 1980.

Peavy makes use of advance in technology and has enhanced the concept to design a groundbreaking amplifier with a real cutting edge. You can buy any of the three models in the Peavey Vypyr series. The options are 40 watt VIP 2 combo, 20 watt VIP 1 practice combo and VIP 3 100 watt combo. Three combos are multipurpose amp modeling where it can be used an electric, acoustic or bass.

Peavey vypyr series are created with specially designed speakers and a group of digital amplifier simulations designed in particular for this model. In the VIP 2 combo series various digital processing can be used along with Peavey’s analogue Trans Tube technology. It takes much time for the US musical instrument company to introduce natural tube like a dynamic response. It has been manufacturing and designing its speakers on its own for nearly a decade. This practice made them creating a VIP 2 single 12-inch driver that supports broad series of complex frequencies required for its multi-purpose rule.

In all the three vypyr series, there are separate 36 amplifier models, and six separate amp models. In each of the six amp models, there are again more choices to select from the twelve stomp box and eleven rack style effects. In this Peavey amp models, you have user-friendly controls and don’t have to worry about the complex controls like those on their competitor’s model.

It uses an easy system called WYSWYG where all your last settings are stored and only changes when you make modifications in the controls. It has multi-colored LED’s that facilitate to monitor the amp’s control setting and monitor status.

Peavey vypyr VIP series has more capacity and definitely it as an educational tool. The educational institutions or guitar teachers get surprised to use a single amp for electric, acoustic and bass. Whatever mode it is working bass, acoustic or electric it delivers excellent accuracy and integrity. It is also easily affordable and has a user-friendly design.

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