How To Experience New York For Free?

November 22, 2017Blog Standard

New York is known for its statuesque buildings, its shopping districts and its exorbitant prices. When you think about what to do in New York, especially as a family or as a budget traveler, you will be surprised to find more than a few places to visit. According to, visiting New York on a shoestring budget is no longer a pipedream – you just have to know where to look.

Arguably one of the first places any travel brochure will list as a must-visit place, the Metropolitan Museum of Art or The Met is a kaleidoscope of old-world elegance and modern-day ingenuity. The museum boasts a wide range of curios from different civilizations, paintings from the masters as well as a gorgeous rooftop garden that offers panoramic views of New York’s skylines and a quaint café to keep your stomach happy. Another Museum to keep lies on the other side of Central Park, the American Museum of Natural History. From sweeping rainforests and scorching deserts, the halls of this museum are filled with the natural wonders of our world. There are several spaces dedicated to different classes of animals, a planetarium and an IMAX screen. While entry to both these museums is technically free, they do appreciate patrons paying small donations or even the full ticket price.

If museums are not your thing, then step up to Times Square, the most visited crossroads on Earth. Surrounded by the cacophony of life and traffic, there’s nothing better than risking a photo shot standing in the middle of the road. Times Square is also the place where more than a million people come each to ring in the New Year with the iconic ball drop at midnight. If Times Square doesn’t fill your thirst for human interaction, take a hike to Brooklyn Bridge. This 1595ft suspension bridge is the perfect place to catch a glimpse of Manhattan’s skyline during sunset. If all that walking has your feet begging for a rest, head over to the High Line, an elevated landscaped garden-cum-park. There are strange sculptures and artwork to interact with as your win your way down the park to the eateries situated on either side below it.

New York is blessed with a wide variety of entertainment. If the sun and surf is your ideal vacation, Coney Island is the place to go. While it may not be as big a beach as many others, the boardwalk and Luna Park pack some fun into your day like none other. The museum at Coney Island features attractions like stilt walkers and fire eaters to keep things interesting. The perfect place for an evening promenade lies at the tip of Manhattan on Governors Island. The place was made for picnics and slowly walks into the sunset. They also offer bicycles for hire and have plenty of food trucks along the way. There are many more places to visit, including Grand Central, the Cloisters and Prospect Park to name a few. Make your next vacation memorable by taking your time to soak in the beauty of New York.

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