Choosing The Best Jeans To Fit Your Shape

January 5, 2017Blog, Standard

jeansNobody can have a wardrobe without even a single jean, and if you are looking for flattering jeans, then the best brand would be CG Newman. The clothing trend is changing day by day and to keep yourself up to date you can read through the articles in

Jeans For Bigger Thighs and Hips
If you have a bigger tummy, then it is better to choose moderate rise jean, which is at least 8 inches from the crotch till the waist. See to that your waistband should sit underneath your belly button, so it will help to hide your tummy. If possible shop for jeans, which has a stretchable waistband.

For a dressed up look you can choose to wear Slim-Cut Dressy Jeans. For office wear, you can shop for the waistband, which has double buttons to hold, the right fit on your waist. You can find fashionable wide legs, which has a more roomy fit right at the thighs.

Jeans For Hourglass Figure
If your shape is more like an hourglass figure, then you should choose a Jean, which covers more of your seat and has a higher cut. This keeps you fully covered and smoothened out your shape. Also have an eye for contoured waistbands, which will, in turn, reduce the gap, so you need not anymore worry to sit down or bend forward. This kind of contoured cut holds right on the waist without creating a gap open.

If you are looking to flatter your hips, then look for tapered legs to have more room in the thighs and less space on the ankles. You can opt for contoured waist if you have fuller hips and thighs. You should also look for higher rise in the back and front. To be more precise look for front rise jeans which should be more than 8inches.
The general rule of thumb is to have the waistband, which hits exactly lie at the hip bone in the back and belly button in the front. So it won’t cut your body at the larger spot. To slim down the thighs, you can opt for fabric, which is stiff and doesn’t stretch much. These Jeans are designed in such a way that it fits for the hips, which are one size bigger than that of the waist.

Most people ignore Slim-Cut Jeans thinking it will not suit for people with full hips and thighs. The best skinny trend is to choose a straight jean, which is not tight at the ankle.

Jeans For Straight Structure
In case you have a straight structure you can go with low waist jean, which has higher waist, cuts and which has undergone heavy treatments. To have flattering Jeans, it is always better to wear a pair of jeans, which are slimmer and have a tighter fit and which has a waistband running straight in the middle. See to that the waistband is not much curved, which can cause an unflattering image.

For slim-cut dressy jeans look for snug fitting low rise jeans, which add more focus to the hips and legs.

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